The Pioneer Midwife

Shakima Wiggins CNM, LM, MSN, IBCLC

NYC-born and raised African American midwife, educated and now serving as an academic in the heart of Brooklyn. Shakima has dedicated her career, first as a maternal-child and community health nurse, and now as a midwife and college professor, to working with families and teaching students within the city that she knows and loves. Shakima is known for being able to provide information and break down concepts for easy comprehension and application. Shakima's warmth, compassion, and approach to teaching speak volumes about her dedication, demonstrate her expertise, and easily convey how much she cares about this work. What better person to show you the "ins" and "outs "of what to expect during childbirth other than a midwife herself? This pioneer midwife seeks to function within the other capacities of her scope, bringing the same midwifery philosophy to all aspects of the care she provides.

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